At the present time, the IRS allows individuals to take a deduction on their Federal Income Tax Return  for real estate taxes, for which they were billed and paid.  Due to pending changes to the tax code, many taxpayers are thinking about pre-paying future taxes.

The IRS has issued an Advisory concerning the pre-payment of taxes which can be found at the following link. For IRS information follow this link:.

Township offices will be open until 4:30 PM on Friday, Dec 29.  After that time taxes may be paid online by following the Pay Taxes Online button found below.

Chatham Township taxpayers may choose to pre-pay the first two quarters of 2018 by December 31.  Taxpayers choosing to pay more than the first two quarters of 2018 will have those amounts applied to their account as an overpayment. 

Prepayments may not benefit those individuals subject to the alternative minimum tax. 

The Township makes no representation concerning the deductibility of any prepayments made.

It is strongly recommended that homeowners interested in prepaying their 2018 real estate taxes should check with a tax professional before making the payment.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year.